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A Concise Guide, Documents of Vatican II

  • Author Edward P. Hahnenberg
  • Pub Date 01/01/2007

A guide to the 16 documents produced by the Second Vatican Council

£15.99 £7.99

Absolutely basic (Grace Essentials #23)

  • Author Horatious Bonar & J C Ryle
  • Pub Date 01/01/2016

Abridged and modernised editions of two great works - Horatius Bonar's The Everlasting Righteousness and J C Ryle's Regeneration


All about heaven

  • Author David Oliver
  • Pub Date 23/11/2019

What does heaven look like? What will occupy us there?


All things new

  • Author John Eldredge
  • Pub Date 19/10/2017

John Eldredge offers readers a breathtaking look into God’s promise for a new heaven and a new earth.


Altar of His presence The

  • Author Robert Stone

The results of "being filled with the Holy Spirit” begin with the Spirit breaking the power of the sin nature, followed by the isolation and suppression of that nature.


An alarm to the unconverted (Grace Essentials #10)

  • Author Joseph Alleine
  • Pub Date 01/01/2016

Abridged and moodernised edition of Joseph Alleine's Why you need Jesus



  • Author Billy Graham
  • Pub Date 01/03/1995

Do you believe in Angels? World-renowned preacher Billy Graham describes this book as 'one of the most fascinating studies of my life'. In it, he explores the biblical basis of what angels are and the crucial role they play in our lives.

Angels: When heaven meets earth

  • Author Tim Chester
  • Pub Date 01/07/2022

A simple guide to what we really know about angels


Another gospel?

  • Author Alisa Childers
  • Pub Date 06/10/2020

A Movement Seeks to Redefine Christianity. Some Think that It Is a Much-Needed Progressive Reformation. Others Believe that It Is an Attack on Historic Christianity.


Answering the Psalmist's perplexity

  • Author James Hely Hutchinson
  • Pub Date 19/10/2023

A study of biblical covenant theology in the book of Psalms


Apostle's creed The

  • Author A W Tozer
  • Pub Date 01/07/2023

We believe . . . an ancient creed is essential for today


Art of new creation The

  • Author Begbie Train Taylor
  • Pub Date 30/05/2022

Explores how the relation between creation and the new creation is informed by and reflected in the arts