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10-minute assemblies for 4-11s

  • Pub Date 18/03/2016
  • Author Rebecca Parkinson

50 ready-to-use assemblies exploring values from a Christian perspective


Blockbuster bible The

  • Pub Date 20/09/2019
  • Author Andrew Pritchard

Meet the Bible's best-loved characters through scripts and storyboards, movie posters and social media, acceptance speeches, and interviews with the stars.


Collective worship for primary schools

  • Pub Date 17/06/2016
  • Author Helen Jaeger

50 ten-minute outlines for those leading Collective Worship in primary school


Gospels unplugged

  • Pub Date 21/10/2011
  • Author Lucy Moore

This book is for busy teachers and church leaders who have endless demands on their time and energy and need stories that jump off the page, into the imagination and, from there, into daily life.

£12.99 £8.99

Investigate! Religions

  • Pub Date 18/06/2021
  • Author Sophie de Mullenheim

Join two children, Sophie and Thomas on their investigation to learn more about the world religions with one God


Stories for interactive assemblies

  • Pub Date 17/02/2012
  • Author Nigel Bishop

Fifteen easy-to-tell stories combining biblical teaching with contemporary storytelling. Set within the world of the classroom, each story has its roots in one of Jesus' parables. Primary children will recognise themselves and their classmates in the stories and relate to the underlying message that is the essence of the parable.


Whoosh! bible The

  • Pub Date 18/09/2015
  • Author Gill Robins

An excitingly different approach to sharing Bible stories with children.