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Just ask

  • Author J D Greear
  • Pub Date 01/08/2021

Helping Christians to pray so that it's a delight, not a duty.


Letters by a Modern Mystic

  • Author Frank C. Laubach
  • Pub Date 15/07/2021

New edition of a spiritual formation classic, based on one simple spiritual practice: living every moment with the thought of God


Listening to God

  • Author Joyce Huggett
  • Pub Date 10/03/2016

In this profound spiritual testimony, Joyce Huggett draws on many years' experience of prayerfully listening to God to offer practical guidance and advice for anyone seeking a new dimension of prayer.


Little book of prayer experiments

  • Author Miranda Threlfell-Holmes
  • Pub Date 16/06/2016

An interactive and accessible book of ‘prayer experiments’ that encourages readers to try out different approaches to prayer and to record their experiences.


Living the prayer

  • Author Trystan Owain Hughes
  • Pub Date 17/11/2017

What are we really saying when we say the Lord's Prayer?


Living the story

  • Author Joseph Cassidy
  • Pub Date 30/04/2020

In Living the Story, Joe Cassidy explores how Ignatian spirituality can help us discover the power of story in the scriptures.


Lord's prayer The

  • Author R T Kendall
  • Pub Date 01/11/2011

R T Kendall explores the full range of meaning in each line of the Lord's prayer to establish firm principles for all our prayer.


Manual (The) Special: Man Prayer Manual

  • Author Carl Beech

Man Prayer is full of real-life stories and practical tips from Carl Beech. Coupled with Carl's wisdom and down to earth style, a must read for guys of all ages.


Marked for life

  • Author Maria Boulding
  • Pub Date 18/11/2010

Prayer is not just a hobby or a technique for Christians but an exposure to God in which he progressively takes over


Messy prayer

  • Author Jane Leadbetter
  • Pub Date 20/11/2015

Equipping your Messy team to pray and encourage others to do so, both within and outside the Messy Church context.


Minor prophets major prayer

  • Author Debbie Duncan
  • Pub Date 01/03/2021

Many of us want to pray but are unsure how to go about it.


Mountain-moving prayer

  • Author Debra Green
  • Pub Date 21/03/2019

The toughest challenges can be tackled, defeated and shifted aside by faith-fuelled prayer. Relational struggles, financial strangleholds, emotional strife; whatever your mountain, through prayer God’s power can move it.