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Atheist who didn't exist

  • Author Andy Bannister
  • Pub Date 17/07/2015

Or the dreadful consequences of bad arguments


Between naivity and hostility

  • Author Steve Bell & Colin Chapman
  • Pub Date 09/09/2011

This book will enable readers to engage with the issues and come to conclusions that might help them be better social peacemakers and spiritual friends to Muslims for the sake of Jesus Christ.


Challenge of Islam to Christians

  • Author David Pawson
  • Pub Date 18/09/2003

Christians must rediscover and demonstrate to society the three qualities that make Christianity unique: Reality, Relationship and Righteousness.


Christian and the Pharisee

  • Author R T Kendall & David Rosen
  • Pub Date 03/03/2006

This unique book reproduces a candid exchange of letters between two leading religious figures - an evangelical Christian preacher and a senior Jewish rabbi.


Communicate for Change

  • Author Genelle Aldred
  • Pub Date 09/09/2021

How to recognise bias and the way it impacts every area of life, and how to communicate in a way that works to create meaningful and effective change


Deceived: One woman's stand against the church of Scientology

  • Author Bonnie Woods

The story of Bonnie Woods and her stand against the church of Scientology.

£8.99 £4.50

Digitally Remastered

  • Author Guy Brandon
  • Pub Date 30/09/2016

A biblical guide to reclaiming your virtual self


Evangelicals and Social Action

  • Author Ian J. Shaw
  • Pub Date 21/10/2021

A survey of historical responses to social issues to help inform the ongoing debate of how far the Church should be involved in ministries of social action



  • Author Krish Kandiah
  • Pub Date 21/02/2019

A passionate and challenging exploration of the Faith vs Atheism debate.


Global jihad

  • Author Patrick Sookhdeo
  • Pub Date 07/11/2007

What is the driving force behind Islamist terrorism?


God's undertaker (Updated edition)

  • Author John Lennox
  • Pub Date 20/03/2009

This book evaluates the evidence of modern science in relation to the debate between the atheistic and theistic interpretations of the universe, and provides a fresh basis for discussion.


Gunning for God

  • Author John Lennox
  • Pub Date 23/09/2011

Gunning for God puts forward new ideas about the nature of God and Christianity that will give the New Atheists best friends and worst enemies alike some stimulating food for thought.