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  • Author Jose Zayes

Getting your faith off the ground

£7.99 £1.00

Anuthel of Jezzithra

  • Author Karla Weir

Book 2 in the Lore of Faerspring series

£7.99 £1.00

Come touch the water

  • Pub Date 01/03/2012
  • Author Daphna Flegal

Give your children a Biblical account of Jesus’ baptism with engaging pictures that could tell the story without words.

£2.99 £1.00

EBR: Bible facts and figures

  • Pub Date 20/02/2009
  • Author Tim Dowley

A treasury of Biblical information, designed for beginners, but useful for all students of the Bible

£1.99 £1.00

EBR: Bible guide

  • Pub Date 19/02/2010
  • Author Tim Dowley

Bible Guide answering many questions about bible times.

£1.99 £1.00

EBR: Life in bible times

  • Pub Date 19/02/2010
  • Author Tim Dowley

Find out about life in biblical times.

£1.99 £1.00

EBR: New testament introduction

  • Pub Date 19/02/2010
  • Author Stephen Motyer

This approachable guide introduces the beginner to the study of the New Testament.

£1.99 £1.00

EBR: People of the bible

  • Pub Date 19/02/2010
  • Author Robert Backhouse

Fully illustrated Who's Who for more than 230 important and colourful characters in the Old and New Testaments. Great introduction for children and a handy reference for both beginning and experienced Christians, answering questions

£1.99 £1.00

Gone but not lost: Grieving the loss of

  • Pub Date 01/01/2001
  • Author David Weirsbe

Short, helpful chapters when grieving the death of a child

£5.99 £1.00

Greater than gold - vocal score

  • Pub Date 19/01/2004
  • Author Roger Jones

Full music for the Roger Jones musical "Greater than Gold"

£5.99 £1.00

John study guide (Book by book)

  • Author Paul Blackham

10 studies in the gospel of John

£3.99 £1.00

Made completely new - Colossians (G4G)

  • Pub Date 28/11/2002
  • Author John Priddle

10 studies in Colossians and Ephesians

£3.99 £1.00