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  • Author Jose Zayes

Getting your faith off the ground

£7.99 £1.00

Anuthel of Jezzithra

  • Author Karla Weir

Book 2 in the Lore of Faerspring series

£7.99 £1.00

Behind the sofa

  • Author Anthony Thacker
  • Pub Date 21/02/2006

A closer look at Doctor Who

£6.99 £1.00

Bob and Larry's clues to good news

  • Author Cindy Kenney

£1.50 £1.00

Confirmation notebook

  • Author Hugh Montefiore
  • Pub Date 03/07/2002

A guide to Christian belief and practice (Sixth edition)

£6.99 £1.00

Dr Sylver and the Tapestry of time

  • Author Paul Kercal

The final volume of the Dr Sylver trilogy


EBR: New testament introduction

  • Author Stephen Motyer
  • Pub Date 19/02/2010

This approachable guide introduces the beginner to the study of the New Testament.


Faith under fire: Exploring 1 Peter and Revelation

  • Pub Date 11/10/2005

John Holdsworth tackles the ever present problem of suffering from the example of the early church.

£3.99 £1.00

Falling pianos

  • Author Symonds & Abdy

Eight gospel sketches for 2-6 characters

£2.25 £1.00


  • Author Robert D Jones

Jones identifies five possible assumptions behind the longing for self-forgiveness and clears the path to complete forgiveness in Christ


Genesis study guide (Book by book)

  • Author Paul Blackham


Immersed in grace

  • Author Stephen Burns
  • Pub Date 11/10/2005