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NRSV / Revised

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Harpercollins NRSV Study bible

  • Pub Date 01/09/2006

full text of the New Revised Standard Version as well as in-depth articles, introductions, and comprehensive notes by today's leading biblical scholars.


NRSV Anglicized

  • Pub Date 24/09/2015

Popular edition (without Apocrypha)


NRSV Anglicized Catholic

  • Pub Date 24/09/2015

Popular Catholic edition with all Apocryphal books fully integrated.


NRSV Anglicized Confirmation

  • Pub Date 24/09/2015

NRSV Anglicized blue Confirmation Gift edition containing helpful introduction.


NRSV Anglicized First Communion

  • Pub Date 24/09/2015

NRSV Anglicized white gift edition – with Apocryphal books fully integrated


NRSV Anglicized Ordination

  • Pub Date 24/09/2015

NRSV Anglicized burgundy deluxe gift edition


NRSV Anglicized Red Faux Suede

  • Pub Date 01/01/2011

This edition would make an attractive gift, and is conveniently sized for personal use. In suede-type binding and box.


NRSV Anglicized Wedding White

  • Pub Date 24/09/2015

The complete NRSV translation of the bible together with a selection of poems, prayers and reflections on love and the marriage bond


NRSV Anglicized with Apocrypha

  • Pub Date 24/09/2015

A unique combination of accuracy and elegance makes the NRSV the ideal Bible for personal use, for reading aloud in groups or for buying as a special gift. With cross-references.


NRSV Apocrypha text edition Red

  • Pub Date 30/07/1998

The Apocrypha, or Deuterocanonical Books, in the New Revised Standard Version


NRSV Audio (with Apocrypha) on mp3

  • Pub Date 17/10/2005

Let the power of the Scriptures refresh your soul - New Revised Standard with Apocrypha


NRSV Compact text Grey

  • Pub Date 01/10/2018

Elegantly designed, with small but readable type