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New testament

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Mark (Lifebuilder)

  • Author James Hoover
  • Pub Date 18/04/2000

20 studies in the book of Mark where we meet Jesus, the man who is king.


Mark 1-8: Coming king (Good Book Guide)

  • Author Tim Chester
  • Pub Date 02/08/2005

These 10 studies take you on a journey of discovery as the disciples learn who Jesus really is.


Mark 9-16: Servant king (Good Book Guide)

  • Author Tim Chester
  • Pub Date 27/01/2006

Know and understand Jesus just as Mark knew Him – nothing that people expected, but more than any of us could hope for. 7 studies for individuals or groups.


Mark: News of the hour (Interactive Bible Studies)

  • Author Peter Bolt & Tony Payne

Investigate "the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God". (10 studies)


Matthew (Lifebuilder)

  • Author Stephen & Jaclyn Eyre

If you long for Jesus' personal touch, then these 22 studies Matthew's Gospel are for you.


Matthew 5:1-12: Good living guide (Interactive Bible Studies)

  • Author Phillip Jensen & Tony Payne
  • Pub Date 31/03/2004

Unlock the meaning of some of the most famous words of Jesus. (9 studies)


New testament characters (Lifebuilder)

  • Author Carolyn Nystrom
  • Pub Date 09/05/2003

10 studies for individuals or groups meeting some of the ordinary people who were touched by Jesus.


Parables (Lifebuilder)

  • Author John White
  • Pub Date 04/05/2000

In this guide, John White helps us explore twelve of the greatest stories ever told.


Paul (Lifebuilder)

  • Author Jack Kuhatschek
  • Pub Date 21/10/2011

10 studies on Paul, one of the most fascinating people who ever lived in the service of Jesus Christ.


Paul (Lifebuilder)

  • Author Jack Kuhatschek
  • Pub Date 31/07/2018

10 studies exploring the events of Paul's life and his core teachings.


Peace with God: Romans (Pathway Bible Guides)

  • Author Gordon Cheng

9 studies in the letter to the Romans. Leader's notes included.


Peter (Lifebuilder)

  • Author Robbie Castleman

These 12 studies on the life of Simon Peter challenge and motivate us to continue to grow in Christlikeness.