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New for 2023

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Finding Jesus in the Psalms

  • Author Barb Rosse
  • Pub Date 01/12/2022

A meaningful encounter with Jesus and the Psalms through the season of Lent with Barb Roose


Meeting God in Matthew

  • Author Elaine Storkey
  • Pub Date 17/11/2022

An accessible introduction to Matthews’s gospel, full of fresh insight from Elaine Storkey


Place for us A

  • Author Lavinia Byrne & Jane McBride

An original Lent course based on the recent film production of West Side Story directed by Steven Spielberg


You can be serious - course pack

  • Author David Wilbourne
  • Pub Date 19/01/2023

This inspiring York Course on John’s Gospel, the most mysterious of all the gospel accounts of the life of Christ, invites us to meet Jesus afresh . . . an ideal study for Lent or any time of the year