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Christmas stetchbook Book+CD

  • Author Judy MacKenzie Dunn

An incredible book jam packed full of Christmas scripts and plays for children's groups large or small.

£23.95 £4.99

Dream dress

  • Author Janice Thompson

Big dreams take big leaps of faith . . . but what if you trip on the way?

£7.99 £4.99

Fusion: A year's worth of teaching 5-12

  • Pub Date 18/07/2001
  • Author Mark Griffiths

A years worth of teaching materials for five to twelve year olds.

£19.99 £11.99

Gospels unplugged

  • Pub Date 21/10/2011
  • Author Lucy Moore

This book is for busy teachers and church leaders who have endless demands on their time and energy and need stories that jump off the page, into the imagination and, from there, into daily life.

£12.99 £8.99

Holy wells prayer book

  • Pub Date 30/05/2014
  • Author Brendan O'Malley

This resource has been written in response to a demand for prayers and blessings to use at a holy well.

£9.99 £6.99

No greatness without goodness

  • Pub Date 23/05/2014
  • Author Randy Lewis

Tells how Randy and his team created an inclusive workplace where people with disabilities could thrive in jobs with equal pay and conditions, held to the same standards as those without disabilities

£8.99 £5.99

Pilgrim Leaders Guide

    Supports church leaders thinking about introducing the Pilgrim programme into the life of their church as well as a handbook for leaders throughtout the course

    £8.99 £5.99

    Starting your Messy Church

    • Pub Date 20/01/2012
    • Author Lucy Moore & Jane Leadbetter

    Everything you need to get your Messy Church going!

    £4.99 £3.50