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25 favourite silly songs

  • Author Veggie Tales

£11.99 £7.99

Beyond the valley

  • Author Dave Branon

Dave Branon writes honestly about the challenges he has faced, applying the light of Scripture to the darkest corners of life in the valley and providing questions for personal reflection that will encourage you on the path to hope.

£8.50 £5.50

Cops and robbers - Holiday club

  • Author John Hardwick

Organised into five two-hour holiday club sessions, this material uses biblical truth to explore five essential principles for doing what is right and putting our trust in God

£11.99 £7.99

Encircling the Christian year

  • Author Barbara Mosse
  • Pub Date 20/07/2012

Beginning with Advent Sunday, Encircling the Christian Year presents a series of short liturgies for each week of the Church calendar, including a Bible reading, reflection, and prayers, suitable for both individual and small group use.

£9.99 £6.99

For all that has been, thanks

  • Author Rowan Williams
  • Pub Date 31/03/2010

£14.99 £9.99

Letters to Marc about Jesus

  • Author Henri Nouwen
  • Pub Date 01/11/2013

Henri Nouwen writes from the conviction that Jesus is the centre of his own life

£8.99 £5.99

Messy church

  • Author Lucy Moore
  • Pub Date 22/04/2011

£14.99 £4.99