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Book of wonders

    Crammed full of facts, figures and fantastic pictures of the world around you from the greatest galaxies to the tiniest microbes


    Clubhouse The

    • Pub Date 01/08/2021

    This celebration of the power of imagination will remind children young and old of the unlimited possibility and potential of creative play


    Life of Jesus mini

    • Pub Date 18/01/2013
    • Author Sophie Piper

    This book retells key episodes from the gospels simply and respectfully, and weaves them into a narrative that tells a compelling story from the birth of Jesus to his death and resurrection.


    My first Holy communion

    • Pub Date 23/04/2010
    • Author Sophie Piper & Angelo Ruta

    This book will be welcomed not only as a memento of a special day, but as a collection of prayers on which to establish an ongoing repertoire.



    • Pub Date 05/01/2021
    • Author Sally Lloyd-Jones & Jago

    An uplifting new board book in a soft padded format that is a perfect fit for little hands


    Our Father

    • Pub Date 15/02/2013
    • Author Sophie Piper & Angelo Ruta

    A perfect gift for religious occasions; this book enhances a child's Christian knowledge and making a beautiful addition to the bookshelf.


    Prayers & Verses for First Communion

    • Pub Date 19/02/2016
    • Author Lois Rock & Alison Jay

    In this anthology of prayers Alison Jay's unique style is used to accompany a variety of traditional prayers and prayers from the Bible.


    Ten commandments The

    • Pub Date 17/02/2012
    • Author Sophie Piper & Angelo Ruta

    A small but perfectly formed compendium of Christian wisdom, ideal for giving to a child at important religious occasions to help them learn about the Christian faith.



    • Pub Date 02/09/2021
    • Author Emily Assell Lauren Copple

    Bedtime blessings from the Bible are a great way of ending the day together


    Uniquely you

    • Pub Date 30/06/2022
    • Author Joyce Meyer

    This sweetly inspiring picture book encourages children to embrace their wonderfully unique God-given identities


    Welcome to the journey

    • Pub Date 19/03/2021
    • Author Bob Hartman

    A perfect gift not just for those getting baptised, but also for their families to share and celebrate with them


    Welcome to the journey (5)

    • Pub Date 19/03/2021
    • Author Bob Hartman

    5 pack of paperback version of this perfect baptismal gift