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Image of the invisible

  • Author Amy Scott Robinson
  • Pub Date 20/09/2019

Daily Bible readings from Advent to Epiphany


In the bleak midwinter

  • Author Rachel Mann
  • Pub Date 30/07/2019

In the Bleak Midwinter explores the power of Advent and the joy of Christmas through the poetry of Christina Rossetti.


Incredible journey The

  • Author Steve Brady
  • Pub Date 23/09/2011

This book of readings for Advent and Christmas shows how Jesus has come to take us home to God, no matter what our starting point.


Into the heart of Advent

  • Author Penelope Wilcock
  • Pub Date 20/08/2020

Get into the heart of Advent with Pen Wilcock and discover what Christmas really means to Jesus as he talks to her about God, the universe and a few other things.


Journey to Christmas (Cover to cover)

  • Author Christine Leonard
  • Pub Date 12/08/2019

What could be more familiar than Christmas? And yet… what could be stranger than God’s plan for salvation?


Let it slow

  • Author Stephen Cottrell
  • Pub Date 30/09/2020

This understanding and uplifting book offers another way to approach Christmas and to discover how its joys and promises can restore our lives, not add to their burdens.


Lighted windows (New edition)

  • Author Margaret Silf
  • Pub Date 23/09/2016

The world waits - sometimes holding its breath in fear of what tomorrow may bring, sometimes in a haze of busyness, or boredom, in which we hardly know what we are waiting for.


Meaning is in the waiting

  • Author Paula Gooder
  • Pub Date 28/08/2008

Paula Gooder provides a profoundly biblical guide to the season of Advent and we explore its central theme of waiting (something we are not good at in our modern culture) in the company of biblical characters.


Messy Spirituality

  • Author Mike Yaconelli

Messy Spirituality is a classic that offers timeless wisdom and antidotes for the spiritual perfectionism in us all.


My Advent activity pack

  • Author Juliet David & Lucy Barnard

This fun activity pack includes a gorgeous pop-up stable scene - peep inside and see Jesus in the manger!