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90 Minutes In Heaven DVD

  • Pub Date 11/04/2016

Based on the incredible true story of Don Piper. Certificate 12.


Against the tide

  • Author John Lennox Kevin Sorbo
  • Pub Date 01/07/2021

Finding God in an age of science

£12.99 £10.99

All Saints

  • Pub Date 12/12/2017

The inspiring true story of how a group of refugees from Burma brought life and purpose to a struggling church.

£12.99 £9.99

All the places to go

  • Author John Ortberg
  • Pub Date 04/07/2017

God has placed before you an open door. What will you do?


Alone Yet Not Alone

    This inspirational true story is sure to get to your heart and elevate your spirit. Certificate 12


    Animal Antics (Jack and friends)

    • Pub Date 01/07/2014

    This short film looks at how we should care for animals and follows Andi Markham and his puppet friend Jack visit a safari park to help look after the animals there.


    Beautiful day in the neighbourhood

    • Pub Date 01/04/2020

    A timelystory of kindness triumphing over cynicism, based on the true story of areal-life friendship between Fred Rogers and journalist Tom Junod


    Beauty and the beet

    • Author Veggie Tales
    • Pub Date 01/11/2014

    Why is Mr Beet such as beast? And can Mirabelle's kindness change him? Find out in this hilarious and heart-warming Veggie Tales story of unconditional love.



      This updated Ben-Hur is an astonishing tale of one man's long and moving road from vengeance to forgiveness.


      Best Christmas Gift The

      • Author Veggie Tales

      Bob and Larry are preparing for their first Christmas show in Mr. Nezzer's theater and the show seems to be headed for disaster.

      £9.99 £8.99

      Billy: The early years

      • Pub Date 16/04/2018

      Biopic of the early life of Billy Graham, one of the most well-known Christians of the 20th Century.



      • Author Adrian Plass
      • Pub Date 01/03/2020

      Based on the Silver Birches novel by bestselling author Adrian Plass, this is a poignant story of love, loss and finding faith again.