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All-around Easter

    All you need to create 6 faith discovery stations for kids and their families on one CD-Rom

    £16.99 £8.50

    Amy Carmichael (Torchlighters)

      The story of the life of Amy Carmichael: mother to the motherless

      £9.99 £5.00

      Animal Antics (Jack and friends)

      • Pub Date 01/07/2014

      This short film looks at how we should care for animals and follows Andi Markham and his puppet friend Jack visit a safari park to help look after the animals there.

      £7.99 £3.99

      Camp in a can - Action heroes CD-Rom

      • Author Doug Fields
      • Pub Date 27/02/2008

      Everythign you need to kickstart your camp or weekend retreat

      £19.99 £1.00

      Camp in a can:Fill it up

      • Author Doug Fields

      Everything you need to kickstart your own camp or weekend retreat

      £19.99 £1.00


      • Author Liz Blush & Andy Hawthorne
      • Pub Date 04/04/2006

      £5.00 £1.00

      Elijah - prophet at a loss (Life journeys)

      • Author Jeff Lucas
      • Pub Date 07/03/2008

      Take courage from the challenges Elijah faced in his walk with God. At times depressed and discouraged, at other times emboldened by God's Spirit, Elijah expresses real emotions – and God meets him just where he is.

      £19.99 £9.99

      Follow you Music book CD-Rom

      • Author Hillsong Kids
      • Pub Date 03/04/2009

      Sheet music for the Hillsong kinds album Follow you

      £12.99 £6.50

      Friends rediscovered (Life journeys)

      • Author Jeff Lucas

      Join Jeff Lucas as he takes a close look at thepriceless gift of friendship, through the lifeand relationships of the apostle Paul

      £19.99 £9.99

      Fun with character voices

      • Author Liz Vonseggen

      £9.99 £4.99