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ABC for the PCC 5th edn

  • Author John Pitchford
  • Pub Date 23/04/2008

The ABC for the PCC provides information and practical suggestions about the legal and spiritual duties and responsibilities of the PCC, with an emphasis on real partnership between clergy and laity.


All resource Christmas

  • Pub Date 18/08/2017

A fresh, new, jam-packed resource full of creative ideas for celebrating Christmas in an all-age context.


All resource Easter

  • Author Gemma Willis
  • Pub Date 21/02/2017

A fresh, new, jam-packed resource full of creative ideas for celebrating Easter in an All-Age context.


Art of leading a small group The

  • Author Tom Ringrose

A practical guidebook for small-group leaders, whether you’re starting out, already established or handing over.


BCP Enlarged print

  • Pub Date 20/12/2004

The Book of Common Prayer is the old and well-loved prayer book of the Church of England, in use since the 16th century.


Be a better leader

  • Author Graham Osborne
  • Pub Date 15/09/2016

A practical handbook to help Christian leaders understand their strengths and weaknesses, using the Myers-Briggs (MBTI) personality indicator


Being a chaplain

  • Author Miranda Threlfell-Holmes
  • Pub Date 16/06/2011

Chaplaincy - a place for those who have sold out, can't hack church ministry and don't believe in mission? Against the negative stereotypes, this book argues that chaplains are a valuable resource to the Church.


Being church: doing life

  • Author Michael Moynagh
  • Pub Date 20/06/2014

Christians worldwide are learning new ways to connect their faith to everyday life.


Being Orthodox

  • Author Martin Dudley
  • Pub Date 18/07/2019

A much-needed book on understanding the Orthodox tradition, and living and growing as an Orthodox Christian


Book of Common Prayer Gift White

  • Pub Date 29/11/2004

This book comes in a white imitation leather cased binding, in a decorative wrap. It will make a fitting and useful gift for a wedding, christening or other special occasion.


Book of Common Prayer Std Blk

  • Pub Date 05/10/2004

Provides the complete 1662 services which have together influenced much of the English language


Book of Common Prayer Std Blue

  • Pub Date 09/08/2004

This book comes in a blue imitation leather hardback binding, and is ideal for use in the pew.