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Church history

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10 dead guys you should know

  • Pub Date 01/01/2021
  • Author Ian J Maddock

Ten fascinating bite–sized biographies of the Christians people expect you to know


21 Servants of Sovereign joy

  • Pub Date 14/06/2018
  • Author John Piper

21 biographies of great leaders from church history.


50 World Changing Events in Christian History

  • Pub Date 20/07/2016
  • Author Earl M Blackburn

During these worrying times, Earl Blackburn shows that learning about our history can be one of the best tools for encouraging us in our faith.


A Short History of Christianity

  • Author Geoffrey Blainey

A vivid, concise and balanced history of the world's largest religion, written for readers of all religious backgrounds


Above and beyond

    Illustrated history of the work of Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)


    Beard theology

    • Pub Date 08/08/2019
    • Author The Church Mouse

    The largely untold and intriguing story of the religious significance of beards


    Beard theology

    • Author The Church Mouse
    • Pub Date 04/08/2022

    A holy history of hairy faces


    Bearing false witness

    • Pub Date 16/03/2017
    • Author Rodney Stark

    An entertaining and highly enlightening expose of ten popular misconceptions about the oppressive role of the Catholic Church in history


    Britain's spiritual inheritance

    • Pub Date 23/01/2018
    • Author Di Chapman

    Explores Britain's prophetic heritage and the revival history.


    Christianity Worldwide 1800 to 2000

    • Pub Date 16/12/2021
    • Author Jehu Hanciles (ed)

    Brings together voices from around the world to explore the history of Christianity in each region of the globe


    Comets, Cosmology and the Big Bang

    • Pub Date 19/10/2018
    • Author Allan Chapman

    A history of astronomy from Edmond Halley to Edwin Hubble


    Convinced by scripture

    • Pub Date 01/04/2017
    • Author Andy Johnston

    Biography of Martin Luther