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10-minute assemblies for 4-11s

  • Author Rebecca Parkinson
  • Pub Date 18/03/2016

50 ready-to-use assemblies exploring values from a Christian perspective


500 prayers for young people

  • Author Martin Saunders
  • Pub Date 19/08/2011

Here are 500 prayers for every occasion, written in a variety of styles, and are preceded by a short introduction where necessary.


All-around Easter

    All you need to create 6 faith discovery stations for kids and their families on one CD-Rom

    £16.99 £8.50

    Anyone can tell a bible story

    • Author Bob Hartman
    • Pub Date 18/02/2011

    Bob Hartman has an enviable reputation as a performance storyteller. Here are his insights into how stories work; tips and techniques; and how to retell Bible stories – plus 50 great stories to practise on.


    Bake through the bible

    • Author Bentley-Taylor & Bekah Moore
    • Pub Date 01/09/2013

    Explore the Bible with your child while cooking through 20 delicious recipes!


    Beautiful disciplines The

    • Author Martin Saunders
    • Pub Date 18/11/2011

    Helping young people to develop their spiritual roots


    Being messy being church

    • Author Ian Paul
    • Pub Date 24/03/2017

    A series of essays by different contributors exploring what Messy Church brings to the wider church, how these different forms of church community can coexist, and what this might mean for the future of the church.


    Better than Halloween

    • Author Nick Harding
    • Pub Date 06/09/2006

    Inspiring and ecumenical, Better than Halloween will help you to transform 31 October into a fun and meaningful Christian-themed event for children aged 5-11.


      Bible is God's word - the evidence The

      • Author Catherine MacKenzie

      What is the Bible anyway? Who wrote it? Is it really accurate and how can we know for sure that it is true - totally true?
      These and other questions about the Word of God are answered in this book.


      Big bible science

      • Author Erin Lee Green
      • Pub Date 01/03/2016

      Big Bible Science helps children and those who teach them to explore God's World and God's Word through real live science experiments.


      Big book Bible of colouring pages activities for Toddlers

      • Author David C Cook
      • Pub Date 01/02/2018

      Colouring Pages Help Toddlers Learn That God Loves Them! Reproducible.


      Big book of bible crafts

      • Author Laurie Copley
      • Pub Date 17/06/2016

      Over 100 tried-and-tested crafts, submitted by children's workers and used with real kids in real churches.