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100 Best Christmas Poems for Children

  • Pub Date 19/08/2021
  • Author Roger McGough

This delightful children’s poetry anthology brings together the 100 Best Christmas Poems for Children


25 crafts for Christmas

  • Pub Date 19/09/2014
  • Author Christina Goodings

A craft for every day of Advent, or just to keep children entertained in the run up to Christmas.


50 Christmasiest bible stories

  • Author Andy Robb

Andy Robb presents Christmas bible stories in an unforgettable way, with the aim of sparking in them an enthusiasm to get to know God's Word more and more.


A Pirate Christmas

  • Pub Date 24/08/2018
  • Author Suzy Senior

Joe and his dad discover a dusty old picture book of the story of the first Christmas and settle down to read together and discover a different kind of treasure.


Action bible - Christmas story (25)

    25 pamphlets featuring 17 full-colour pages adapted from The Action Bible with illustrated art from Sergio Cariello.


    All about ... Christmas

    • Author Alison Mitchell
    • Pub Date 01/09/2022

    Children’s book bursting with over 100 facts about the Christmas story and colourful photography


    Away in a manger

    • Pub Date 20/08/2020
    • Author Jean Claude

    Well-loved carol Away in a Manger in picture book form


    Baby Jesus is born sticker book

    • Pub Date 23/09/2011
    • Author Karen Williamson

    Delightfully festive sticker book retelling the story of Christmas, perfect for toddlers and early readers.


    Bethlehem Town

    • Pub Date 01/08/2018
    • Author Andrew McDonough

    The Christmas story through the eyes of the 'Lost Sheep'


    Better than anything Christmas A

    • Pub Date 01/10/2020
    • Author Barbara Reaoch

    In the lead-up to Christmas, families will explore 25 reasons why Jesus came, and they will see that what Jesus gives us is better than anything else we could wish for.


    Bible mini pop-ups: Christmas story

    • Pub Date 16/09/2016
    • Author Juliet David

    An early learning pop-up book about the Christmas story from the shepherds' point of view.


    Big stickers for little hands: Nativity

    • Pub Date 01/10/2021
    • Author Shannon Hays

    Have fun adding the stickers, doing the activities and making a simple nativity set in this delightful Christmas book