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Bible stories

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365 bible stories

  • Author Carine Mackenzie

With one story a day this book will give you enough Bible stories to last all year.


50 Zappiest Bible Stories

  • Author Andy Robb
  • Pub Date 15/05/2017

Dip into 50 stories of God ‘zapping’ all kinds of people in amazing ways – from a baby in the womb, to an old man in the temple, to Jesus at His baptism!


Adam and Eve

  • Author Carine Mackenzie

Adam and Eve live in God's wonderful garden. But find out what happens when they disobey God.


Adam and Eve (Candle little lamb)

  • Author Karen Williamson & Sarah Conne
  • Pub Date 19/05/2017

Adam and Eve is one of a set of titles in the Candle Little Lambs series.


Albert and the Big boat

  • Author Richard Littledale
  • Pub Date 26/01/2020

A creative retelling of Noah's Ark.


Albert and the flour sack

  • Author Richard Littledale
  • Pub Date 19/06/2020

A Story about Elijah's Visit


Albert and the good sister

  • Author Richard Littledale
  • Pub Date 19/06/2020

The Story of Moses in the Bulrushes


Albert and the Slingshot: The Story of David

  • Author Richard Littledale
  • Pub Date 26/01/2020

Stunning illustrations bring to life the excitement and the adventure of David's day on the battle field, bravely facing Goliath.


All aboard with Noah

  • Author Juliet David & Jackie Canuso
  • Pub Date 17/06/2016

Watch Noah building his ark.


All the tales from the Ark

  • Author Avril Rowlands

All three books of Avril Rowlands’ popular stories about Noah: Tales from the Ark, More Tales from the Ark and The Rainbow’s End.


Ancora Easter bible comic The

  • Pub Date 22/01/2016

The Ancora Easter Bible Comic combines high-quality artwork with augmented reality content to tell the story of Jesus' death and resurrection.


Ancora Easter Bible comic The (20)

  • Pub Date 22/01/2016

Pack of 20 of Ancora Easter Bible Comic