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Acts - a visual guide

  • Author Kevin DeYoung Chris Ranson
  • Pub Date 06/04/2018

The exciting story of the book of Acts presented vividly! Each section is a study in visual form guiding you through the biblical text and opening up the truths in a unique, compelling way.

£9.99 £4.99

Asking the right questions

  • Author Matthew S Harmon
  • Pub Date 30/06/2017

Simple Questions to Ask Every Time You Open Your Bible


Badly behaved bible The

  • Author Nick Page
  • Pub Date 16/05/2019

Nick tackles what the Bible is and what it isn’t, how we can critically read this inspired text and how we approach the difficulties in its content.


Bare bible The

  • Author Peter Graystone
  • Pub Date 19/07/2018

Uncovering The Bible For The First Time (Or The Hundredth)


Bible in the contemporary world

  • Author Richard Bauckham
  • Pub Date 21/01/2016

Mature reflections by one of our most eminent scholars on how the Bible speaks to the most pressing social and political issues facing the world today


Canon of scripture The

  • Author F F Bruce
  • Pub Date 18/12/2018

Who decided what shape the canon should take and what criteria influenced these decisions?


CDS Bible facts

  • Author Anne Adams
  • Pub Date 19/03/2010

Bible Facts provides facts about life in Bible times on a wide variety of topics including customs, daily living, education, government, occupations, travel, and warfare.


Compact guide to the whole bible A

  • Author Robert W Wall

This compact, one-term introduction to the Bible prepares students to begin reading the biblical text as Christian Scripture, focusing on the meaning of Scripture for the church.


Daughters of Eve

  • Author Esther & Martyn Whittock
  • Pub Date 19/03/2021

A fascinating journey exploring the role of women in the development of the biblical story


Delights and disciplines of bible study

  • Author Warren W. Wiersbe
  • Pub Date 01/02/2018

Beloved Bible teacher invites readers to a deeper understanding and enjoyment of the most exciting book ever written.


EBR: Bible facts and figures

  • Author Tim Dowley
  • Pub Date 20/02/2009

A treasury of Biblical information, designed for beginners, but useful for all students of the Bible


EBR: Bible guide

  • Author Tim Dowley
  • Pub Date 19/02/2010

Bible Guide answering many questions about bible times.