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Call to Act A

  • Author Martin Charlesworth & Natalie
  • Pub Date 01/09/2020

In order to engage with poverty and need, we must re-evaluate our own attitudes and adopt a poverty-busting lifestyle.


Church for the poor

  • Author Martin Charlesworth Natalie Wi
  • Pub Date 03/07/2017

With biblical insight and practical examples A Church for the Poor presents a vision of the church as a place where people from all sections of society can find a home and play a part.


City changers

  • Author Alan Platt
  • Pub Date 01/02/2018

Alan Platt shows readers how to become effective city changers as they engage with the classrooms, boardrooms, and marketplaces of their cities.


Eat Pray Tell

  • Author Andrew Francis
  • Pub Date 19/01/2018

A relational approach to 21st-century mission


Face to face

  • Author Samuel Wells
  • Pub Date 28/02/2019

Meeting Christ in stranger and friend


For good: The church and the future of welfare

  • Author Samuel Wells Russell Rook
  • Pub Date 06/11/2017

Practical recommendations and a compelling theological reflection on welfare and poverty


Gospel for the outsider

  • Author Patrick Whitworth
  • Pub Date 01/12/2014

An invaluable resource to a Church thinking about Mission today, and how to ground that Mission in scripture and give it fresh momentum.


Guide to Mission Accompaniment A

  • Author Kerry M Thorpe
  • Pub Date 16/02/2018

Accompaniment. It is friendship, but it's more than that! It is mentoring, with a crucial aim.


Incarnational ministry

  • Author Samuel Wells
  • Pub Date 28/08/2017

Being with the church


Learning to dream again

  • Author Samuel Wells
  • Pub Date 28/07/2013

Rediscovering the heart of God


Love with skin on

  • Author Trevor Partridge
  • Pub Date 01/05/2016

A vital read for all those concerned with how best the church can care for others, and ultimately impact and care for those in the wider community.



  • Author Michael Reeves
  • Pub Date 01/07/2021

What does the Trinity have to do with missions? As it turns out . . . everything