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Caring for Creation (York Course 2021)

    The human race is facing its greatest challenge: the threat to the environment and climate change. Faith in our Creator God should enable us to see what is actually happening.


    God has no favourites

    • Pub Date 31/01/2022

    Your Courses Lent course for 2022 containing 1 book, 1 CD and 1 transcript of the audio CD


    God has no favourites - CD

    • Pub Date 31/01/2022

    Audio CD to accompany York Courses' 2022 Lent course God has no favourites


    God has no favourites - transcript

    • Pub Date 31/01/2022

    Transcript of audio CD accompanying the 2022 York Course - God has no favourites


    God has no favourites (course book)

    • Pub Date 31/01/2022

    5 week Lent course based on the idea that God loves everyone