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Bare bible The

  • Author Peter Graystone
  • Pub Date 19/07/2018

Uncovering The Bible For The First Time (Or The Hundredth)


Barefoot ways

  • Author Stephen Cherry
  • Pub Date 20/08/2015

A sequence of beautifully crafted prayer-meditations for daily reading from Advent through to Candlemas.


Batting for the poor

  • Author Andrew Bradstock
  • Pub Date 18/03/2021

The authorized biography of the celebrated cricketer and bishop


Batting for the poor: David Sheppard

  • Author Andrew Bradstock
  • Pub Date 21/11/2019

As a sportsman, priest and bishop, David Sheppard played a significant role in British public life during the second half of the twentieth century, achieving household-name status in two entirely separate fields. There has been no previous biography


Be a better leader

  • Author Graham Osborne
  • Pub Date 15/09/2016

A practical handbook to help Christian leaders understand their strengths and weaknesses, using the Myers-Briggs (MBTI) personality indicator


Bearing false witness

  • Author Rodney Stark
  • Pub Date 16/03/2017

An entertaining and highly enlightening expose of ten popular misconceptions about the oppressive role of the Catholic Church in history


Beauty and the horror The

  • Author Richard Harries
  • Pub Date 20/10/2016

Life is at once wonderful and appalling, beautiful and horrific. How can we live with this contradiction? And how can we believe in a just and loving God in the face of all the evils of the world in which we have evolved?


Beauty and the horror The

  • Author Richard Harries
  • Pub Date 15/02/2018

An in-depth discussion of the nature of evil and how this is to be reconciled with a just and loving God.