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7 Ways to Pray

  • Pub Date 14/09/2021
  • Author Amy Boucher-Pye

By looking to ancient practices this book will help you find fresh ways to relate to God


Be Still

  • Pub Date 21/10/2021
  • Author Brian Heasley

Discover the different ways in which we can all be still with this simple guide to quiet times


Dancing at the Still Point

  • Pub Date 15/07/2021
  • Author Gemma Simmonds

An inspirational guide to DIY retreats that will help you to make life-giving daily choices and find God in all things


Invitation to Solitude and Silence

  • Pub Date 15/07/2021
  • Author Ruth Hayley Barton

Brand new edition of a spiritual formation classic featuring a foreword by Mike Pilavachi. Ruth Haley Barton explores practical ways of connecting with God amid the demands and noise of daily life


Letters by a Modern Mystic

  • Pub Date 15/07/2021
  • Author Frank C. Laubach

New edition of a spiritual formation classic, based on one simple spiritual practice: living every moment with the thought of God


Live No Lies

  • Pub Date 28/09/2021
  • Author John Mark Comer

Spiritual practices and advice for finding happiness and peace by recognising and resisting evil in the world, the flesh and the devil


More Change

  • Pub Date 15/07/2021
  • Author Sarah Yardley

A short Bible study book that is packed full of wisdom on navigating change well in a world full of flux


More Trust

  • Pub Date 15/07/2021
  • Author Leah McFall

A short Bible study book that is packed full of wisdom on how and why we can trust God with our hopes, dreams and lives