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Day One

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Twenty biblical characters

  • Pub Date 01/10/2021
  • Author Various

Twenty writers write about a biblical character that challenged and encouraged them


Vikings and Visitors (Sydings adventures vol 6)

  • Author Mary Weeks Millard

The Children at Syding Castle have been taught to be polite to their visitors, but when one very rude young visitor pushes Flick into the lake, causing her to almost drown, how should she react?


What three words

  • Author Roger Carswell
  • Pub Date 01/02/2022

8 page tract about becoming a Chrisitan with the starting point of prayer


Who wants to be a millionaire

  • Pub Date 01/02/2007
  • Author Peter Jeffrey


William Booth (Footsteps of the past)

  • Author Andrew Edwards Fleur Thornton

This large booklet aims to tell younger readers some of the facts about the real William Booth.


Wonders of creation

  • Author Brian Edwards Stuart Burgess
  • Pub Date 01/09/2017

Enjoy the panorama of a creation so beautifully detailed, ordered and complex that it would be unbelievable if it was not there in front of us


Working with Clodhopper

  • Author Mary Weeks Millard

Disaster strikes the Collins family when their mother dies.