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10 women who overcame their past

  • Pub Date 01/01/2022
  • Author Dayspring MacLeod

Contains the stories of ten women whose circumstances and choices led them to a place that seemed far removed from the fruitful, joy–filled life we are called to live in Christ

£8.99 £6.99

Action bible: Heroes and Villains

  • Author Sergio Cariello
  • Pub Date 01/02/2022

An extensive, full-colour guide to Bible characters including fascinating facts and figures about the Bible’s most curious but sometimes relatable people

£11.99 £9.99

Behold - an invitation to wonder

  • Pub Date 01/09/2021
  • Author Justin Huffmann

Ponder the glorious, life–changing truths given to us in God’s Word


Big book of Questions and Answers about Jesus, The

  • Author Sinclair B Ferguson
  • Pub Date 01/03/2022

This book tackles the many questions that children have about Jesus

£13.99 £9.99

Certain brightness A

  • Pub Date 01/05/2021
  • Author Philippa Ruth Wilson

Bible devotions for troubled times


God hears your heart

  • Author Christina Fox
  • Pub Date 01/05/2022

Continues the story of Mia and Josh, begun in Tell God How You Feel

£9.99 £6.99

Has Science made God unnecessary?

  • Pub Date 01/03/2022
  • Author Ransom Poythress

Addresses the question of whether the search for answers excludes belief in a Deity

£8.99 £6.99

If Christianity is so good, why are Christians so bad?

  • Pub Date 01/03/2022
  • Author Mark Coppenger

It is reasonable to expect that the followers of Jesus Christ would exude the same sort of moral goodness that he did. But what does it mean to be good?

£8.99 £6.99