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Christ's glorious achievements

  • Author Charles Spurgeon

This book, by one of the most influential Christians of the last 200 years, looks at what Christ has done for us. Read it and then ask yourself the question 'If Christ has done all this for me, is anything I am asked to do for Chri


Hope in any crisis

  • Author Bill Johnson
  • Pub Date 01/05/2020

A crisis is a privileged time to be alive


Is your God too nice?

  • Author R T Kendall

Do you worship the God of the Bible, or a fictional character?


We've Never Been This Way Before

  • Author R T Kendall

What if I told you the "new normal” is that nothing will be normal again?


Whatever happened to the gospel

  • Author R T Kendall
  • Pub Date 06/02/2014

It's time to bring back what it really means to be saved.


Your journey to significance

  • Author Bill Johnson
  • Pub Date 01/06/2021

As you reflect on the devotions in this book, you will come to understand how to accomplish the purposes and plans God has for you